24/7 Support? It’s remotely possible. (And that’s a good thing.)

The plain truth is that, like all other equipment, sometimes even Muller Martini machines go down. And because of the increased sophistication of control systems in our modern machines, the cause of the problem may not be obvious. In the middle of the night when your machine won’t run and neither your operator nor your maintenance person can figure out what’s wrong, plus the nearest service technician is miles/hours away, what can you do?

Many of today’s equipment manufacturers are utilizing proactive remote access tools to monitor, access, and even perform updates at customer sites. The technology allows service reps to securely troubleshoot problems and perform maintenance. The benefits are obvious: an increase in the machine’s uptime while extending its service life.

Muller Martini’s newest tool to help keep our customers running is MMRemote. MMRemote is a 24/7, Internet-based remote diagnostics tool that streamlines the connection between remote service technician and machine. Anyone who has wrestled with analog modem lines and dropped phone connections can immediately see the advantages of using the high speed capabilities of the Internet to accelerate response time. With MMRemote, a technician can see the same screen as the operator can. This helps troubleshoot simple set-up issues. Even more complex I/O or software problems can be explored by using the reliable connection and more sophisticated tools to examine the inner workings of the control system.

MMRemote cannot locate a problem by itself. Nothing yet devised can replace an experienced human troubleshooter when it comes time to repair a breakdown. But it sure helps when s/he has the right tools to use. MMRemote is the “latest and greatest” tool we have at our disposal to help get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible.Thank you for reading my blog. I look forward to your feedback. Until next time…

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  1. June 7, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    i work at Boston Offset Norwood Mass. the machine is a 310-20 muller martini stacker 17″bucket turn table not working properly table turns pushes out then turns and then seems to lose piston pressure and start turning the other way but with little pressure what ive done is checked sensors made sure lights were lit on board,checked piston also change w/new piston,added oil to damper cylinder,air pressure is correct oiler was malfunctioning replaced that set to one drop per min. tested in run mode still same problem fault code reads fe10 how ever sensor are working

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