“It works!”

This year I was part of the crew that set up the Muller Martini booth at Graph Expo 2011.  While we were setting up our equipment, I spoke with a gentleman who set up a 12 foot diameter turntable that was part of our display.  When he finished, he flipped the switch and it worked.  He turned to me and said that even after all the years he spent doing things like this, he always got a thrill when something he built and installed worked for his customers.

A show turntable with one motor is no Corona or Sigma.  But that’s exactly how I feel each time I am involved with a project at start up.  Whether it is a single trimmer or a full-blown integrated line, there is the same sense of pride when you flip the switch and the machine does what it is supposed to do.  I felt that way when our booth machines were powered up and running, and I feel that way on each new installation out in the field.  I spoke with others on our crew.  Every one of them said the same thing.  These are the kind of people who install and service Muller equipment.  And I am proud to be one of them.

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