Graph Expo attendees to experience the powerful “renewing” power of MMUpToDate—and receive a free “Productivity Improvement Report”

MMServices ensures optimum performance from Muller Martini machinery—old and new

At the upcoming Graph Expo, Muller Martini will be showcasing MMUpToDate, a component of its MMServices operational improvement. For companies that want to remain competitive but are reluctant to make capital investments in new equipment, MMUpToDate can literally make what’s old new again, empowering legacy equipment with new technologies that can increase productivity.

To demonstrate the productivity power of MMUpToDate, Muller’s Booth #2017 will feature a 20-year-old 335 stitcher that’s been robustly re-engineered with 23+ upgrades that can:

  • Ensure proper pagination with 99.9% accuracy
  • Reduce makereadies by almost 50%
  • Increase run speeds by 25-30%
  • Reduce operational expenses by as much as 50%
  • Decrease maintenance costs while greatly improving overall product quality

In addition, visitors to Muller’s Booth #2017 can receive an on-the-spot MMUpToDate “Productivity Improvement Report” that details all available upgrades for their specific machines.

MMUpToDate provides a variety of update options which enable equipment to continue to run efficiently while maintaining state-of-the-art performance levels. Through innovative technology and increased automation, these options help optimize the availability and processing reliability of existing equipment—while lowering maintenance costs. Moreover, by upgrading to new technologies, customers not only avoid production delays caused by the need for spare parts that no longer exist, but can also extend the system’s lifespan for several years. And, thanks to Muller’s modular design, there are typically upgrade options available to retrofit or extend most systems to the latest technology.

MMServices offers a multitude of modules which enhance and optimize the performance of Muller’s equipment while providing reliable investment protection. Through such programs as MMUpToDate, MMMaintain, MMRemote and MMImprove, companies and their employees can increase productivity while continuing to offer a competitive product with rapid turnaround. Modules can be purchased separately or bundled for greater cost efficiency.

Graph Expo takes place October 7-10, 2012 at McCormick Place South in Chicago. Muller Martini’s theme at this year’s show is “New or Renewed: Engineered for Greater Productivity.” Muller’s engineers and product specialists will be on hand in Booth #2017 to explain and demonstrate to printers and finishers how they can remain competitive and relevant through investments in either all-new print and finishing technology, or in upgrades and other enhancements that can increase throughput in existing machines.

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