New White Paper from Muller Martini reports on a promising revenue booster for newspapers and advertisers

An Update to “Success in Motion” details the expanding importance of distribution

Muller Martini has just released an Update to its highly successful “Success in Motion” White Paper which discussed how newspapers, manufacturing partners and advertisers have initiated business-building strategies that are moving the industry forward.

Distribution, a strategy that goes back to the very beginnings of the newspaper business, is now the focus of an all-new White Paper Update. Author Gary Owen, Muller’s Sales Director, Mailroom Systems, commented, “When choosing a topic for the Update, it became apparent the significant importance that distribution continues to have and the ways distribution continues to redefine itself. Newspapers are leveraging their delivery route ‘footprints’ in order to provide advertisers access to consumers in ways that go beyond the printed paper.”

The report looks at the industry’s current distribution models as well as new mapping and digital technologies which are making it possible to hyper-select consumers based on buying preferences. In addition, the continuing role of the United States Postal Service in providing timely and cost-effective distribution services is also discussed.

Three of Muller Martini’s strategic partners—Forum Communications, The Peoria Journal Star and Tribune Company—assisted in this Update through case studies that further illustrate the evolving role of distribution within their organizations. In addition, the case studies detail mailroom machines and technologies that are helping to facilitate the growing potential of distribution, while driving productivity.

“Success in Motion,” which now includes the “Expanding Role of Distribution” Update, is available as a free download on the Muller Martini website. Those interested in obtaining a copy should visit the Channel MM media hub page at and click on the White Paper icon.


Muller Martini ( is the world’s largest producer of print finishing solutions for commercial and book printers, trade binderies, newspapers and digital book manufacturers. They are also the world’s leading manufacturer of variable size web offset presses. Muller’s innovative workflow solutions optimize processing efficiencies, while helping to build new revenue streams. With U.S. headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, Muller’s sales and support team provides training and responsive service to printers and binderies nationwide.

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