How can we help you get more from your existing machine?

Our world has changed.

Although investment capital is not readily available, printers and trade binders need to continue to gain efficiencies in order to stay competitive. So we ask the question “How can we help you get more from your existing machine?” What issues affect machine performance?

  • Operating efficiencies of any machine can diminish over time
  • Personnel turnover can dilute the skill-set of your operators
  • Worn parts and components can limit run speeds
  • The lack of new quality control technologies on older equipment can increase errors and the need for re-prints

The longer-term solution is an investment in new technology. When this is not possible, other options need to be available. What programs do you need to help improve the efficiency of your existing machine? How can we bring new life to older equipment in the short-term?

We ask these simple questions:

    • What is the machine condition?
    • Can we evaluate the machine and provide you with recommendations for machine repairs?
    • Can we observe your workflow?
    • Can we observe your operators? During long runs? During make-readies?
    • What run speeds are common in your plant? What are the limiting factors to run speed?
    • Can we provide additional training or workflow changes?
    • What product gives you the most difficulty? Can we provide some ideas on how to run this product?
    • What kind of work do you turn away? Why? Can we assist you in bringing in new work to your company?
    • If we help you improve the performance of your existing machine, how can we ensure these gains are sustained?
    • What is the biggest source of customer claims? How can we help reduce these claims?

In our experience, it is possible to attain 25-30% net output gains from existing equipment. We can also retrofit older machines with quality control upgrades to reduce errors. These gains are realized with a much lower investment than a new machine.

This is a true partnership between printer and equipment supplier. Suppliers have the expertise that can help printers attain more efficiency and productivity from the machines they already have. In the long run, new technologies will be needed, but improvement programs can bridge the gap to the next round of capital investments.

I welcome your ideas and comments on how we can work together to get more from existing machines in the short-term.

Dan Denue

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