Coupons Bring New Value to Newspapers

Newspapers are mysteriously vanishing from racks across the country. Thieves are swiping Sunday papers from driveways, and others are digging through people’s trash looking for discarded newspapers.

Authorities and newspaper executives attribute the rash of nationwide thefts to “extreme couponing,” a growing trend in which shoppers use dozens — sometimes hundreds — of coupons at a time to vastly reduce their grocery bills.

The craze, authorities say, has been fueled in part by the recent TLC show Extreme Couponing. It features homemakers and couples stockpiling reams of coupons, filling up several carts of groceries at the store and buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of items for just a few dollars. The show also features shoppers wiping out entire grocery shelves, building additions to their homes to store the surplus goods and Dumpster-diving for discarded coupons ……. what will be next ?

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