ASIR 3 – Q/C System with a quick ROI

ASIR stands for Automatic Signature Image Recognition. (ROI is less than 1 year)

The ASIR control system from Muller Martini is a vision system directly connected to the machine control. This system is used for quality assurance on saddle stitchers and gathering machines. It monitors the composition of products and prevents incorrectly placed signatures from being processed further. It consists primarily of a number of ASIR cameras, which are installed in the feeder’s infeed area and are networked with an independent bus system.

The individual sensors operate either in bar code or image comparison mode. They change over “automatically”. The system looks for a bar code on the first signature that passes by. If one is present, the bar code value is saved as a reference value. If no bar code is found, the sensor automatically changes to image comparison mode and saves a section of the printed signature image as a reference image.

Faulty signatures can be caused by

  • Placement of an incorrect signature pile.
  • Incorrect placement of the correct signature pile.
  • Placement of the correct signature pile with individual faulty signatures.

Faulty signatures can be recognized with almost 100% accuracy in bar code mode. Give me your experience if you already have ASIR 3. If you do not have ASIR3, let me know if you need more information on this technology. Have a great day!

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