Is it time to simplify your digital print workflow?

Arguably, there are some obstacles when entering the digital manufacturing playing field. And one of the most challenging is workflow bottlenecks. In the traditional offset space, minimal set-ups are needed since runs are longer—and the content doesn’t change. Not so with digital print, where variability of product can take infinite forms—different trim sizes, content, small runs or runs of one, print on demand, etc. The result is that the entire process—from pre-press to print to finishing to distribution—must now adjust to constant change. What’s more, it must do so efficiently, not only so your production and labor costs are controlled, but that they’re predictable run after run after run.


Muller Martini’s Finishing 4.0 design ideology integrates automation, connectivity, variability and a touchless workflow in order to seamlessly address the workflow bottlenecks brought on by digital and hybrid print variabilities. Not only do files need to be prepped, paginated and queued for multiple print engines, but they need to be finished with the highest quality—without taking shortcuts.


Every company’s infrastructure, jobs, and workflow are different. If your production line is facing increased complexities because of the variabilities inherent in digital print manufacturing, we can help. The Muller team will work with your IT staff, plant managers, and operators to develop an automated workflow solution that not only ensures both efficient and quality production, but helps minimize labor cost and waste.


Check out this video by Andrew Fetherman to learn more about Finishing 4.0.


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