Finishing 4.0 is the future of finishing: The evolution of print—and printed products—demands a new finishing paradigm.

Today’s game-changing variabilities in the printing process, including inkjet technology and digital print manufacturing, have produced an extraordinarily complex finishing process. At the same time, your customers are demanding both long- and short- runs, including runs of one, as well as high levels of personalization and customization for their products. So, the challenge facing finishing manufacturers is simply this: to provide printers with leading-edge solutions that feature the systems, machines and software that welcome, accommodate, and exploit these opportunities.


Muller Martini’s manufacturing philosophy, trademarked Finishing 4.0., does just that with machines and systems that are designed and engineered to help you compete within the variable world of today and tomorrow. Our forward-thinking finishing solutions efficiently and expeditiously accommodate offset, digital and hybrid printed products by creating end-to-end workflows, from file through finished product, that achieve the greatest quality—and even greater efficiencies. These efficiencies include reduced makeready and manpower, less waste, and faster speed to market, all the while significantly improving the experience of the product’s end user.


At the end of the day, Finishing 4.0 is all about ultra-efficient finishing—and enhanced profit potential. Learn more by speaking directly with your Muller Martini Sales Representative who can help customize a Finishing 4.0 solution that specifically addresses your facility’s needs and challenges.


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