The North American book market is currently in full swing and healthy recovery following several years of marked uncertainty.  The impending “death of the traditional book” was widely reported in trade publications and business journals as the introduction of digital tablets and related devices rapidly took off.  Today, however, we observe that the growth of electronic media has not only slowed, it has peaked and is now in decline.  One reason for this is the recognition that these devices do not necessarily improve the reading experience.  Recent studies have concluded that books offer a better reader outcome that engages more of the five senses and enhances comprehension and satisfaction.


At Muller Martini, we see renewed customer confidence in the future of this important business, as well as significant capital investment across all major book sectors.  The continued rapid growth of inkjet web printing is also stimulating demand for highly automated finishing solutions.   In just the last twelve months we have seen investment in religious, adult trade, photo-centric, educational and juvenile finishing projects.  This is truly encouraging news and I have to admit I never really expected the book market to rebound so strongly.  Let me know if you agree and see similar trends in your business.  Why do you think the market is so strong right now?


Jim Kaeli


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