Need a replacement part? Here’s how you can help us get you the right part as fast as possible.

In today’s print industry, things move at a fast pace and change even quicker. Deadlines, however, rarely bend.  That’s one of the reasons why the Parts Department gets so many calls.


Our ten Parts Specialists support hundreds of different machine models with an unprecedented $40M inventory of OEM replacement parts. We need your help, however, so we can get you the right part on time. Here is some information that’s beneficial to us when you call:


  1. Account number and shipping address. This is always the first thing we ask for. It sounds basic, but it helps avoid unnecessary delays.
  2. Machine model and serial number. Knowing which machine the part resides in lets us get to the main issue faster.
  3. Machine documentation, both mechanical parts book and electrical schematics. This is any documentation that’s specific to your machine, even if you don’t think it relates to the problem at hand.
  4. Part description. This includes information found on the item itself, such as type number and voltage. Also helpful is information regarding where the part is located in the machine. Photos can also be used to accurately identify a part, so having a cell phone or a camera handy is helpful.
  5. Insight and/or experience. Some of the best information you can provide is your own personal familiarity with the equipment, explaining to us what you think the problem is. Remember, we are not on site, seeing what you are seeing.


I’m pleased to say that Muller Martini’s availability of spare parts is exemplary in this industry. As parts specialists, our primary objective is to limit your equipment’s downtime. You can help us do so by communicating any available information so we can get your machine back performing and producing as quickly as possible.


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