Could Your Saddle Stitching System—and Your Bottom Line—Benefit From This Revolutionary Upgrade?

We all know that stitching heads are a critical component to your machine’s performance. What you may not realize is that there is a groundbreaking development in stitching head technology—Performance Plus II—that greatly surpasses the output and reliability of conventional systems.


What makes this possible?

  • An ultra-compact head design enables very close stitch placement (minimum center to center distance measures 40mm / 1.58″). This helps facilitate 2 & 3-up production of small size products.
  • The motorized feeding of the wire to the Performance Plus II stitching heads makes for a precise stitch in every product. The length of the cut wire is adjustable on the fly.
  • The weight of the stitching heads has been drastically reduced, easing the strain on the stitching machine as it cycles the stitching heads. The result is a lot less wear and tear on the stitcher carriage of the machine itself. And that also means reduced maintenance and parts consumption.

This revolutionary upgrade to your Muller Martini saddle stitching system can greatly impact your bottom line, reducing:

  • Parts consumption. Users report 70% – 80%+ less parts.
  • Maintenance intervals and disassembly/assembly time.
  • Downtime.
  • Makeready.
  • Product waste.
  • Spare parts inventory. (Just seven items needed per stitching head.)
  • Operator training. (Only two basic adjustments.)

Please feel free to contact me so I can compare how your existing stitching heads measure up with the new PPLUS II.

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