Always progressing. Always improving.

Benjamin Franklin wrote “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

So true! Some time has passed since I joined the Muller Martini parts team after spending fourteen years with Kolbus America. Since the transition, I’ve seen an increased inventory for Kolbus parts as well as a commitment to continue this trend throughout 2019.  Together, the entire parts team has smoothed some edges and eased processes, while continuing to grow in our machine knowledge so we can respond to your requests in a timely fashion.

If you’re a Kolbus machine owner, you can help us improve stocking levels. If a part is out of stock that you believe is a normal wear item, just send me an email so I can research the part and make the correct changes.  I am only a phone call or email away:


And, whether you’re looking for a Kolbus or Muller Martini OEM part, Muller Martini’s convenient MPOWER Customer Service website gives you direct 24/7 access to your company data: your parts orders, your machine orders, your equipment list and your service call history.  MPOWER allows you to:

  • Enter parts quotes and receive quotes via email.
  • Place parts orders online and track the order through delivery.
  • Check parts availability and pricing.
  • Search parts orders by part number or your PO number.
  • Find documentation online.
  • Review your machine service history.

MPOWER is a really convenient tool. If you are new to Muller Martini, please call me about setting up an MPOWER Account ID and Password.

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