Considering a new stitcher in the New Year? Consider our customers’ feedback on the Primera MC.

We’ve installed numerous Primera MC saddle stitchers in 2018, undoubtedly due to greater production challenges including product variability. The Primera offers excellent flexibility and can quickly and cost efficiently process varying format sizes and thicknesses. What’s more, its robust structure ensures a higher level of reliability and value retention.

Here’s a snapshot of three recent customer experiences:

Customer #1:
Without receiving any significant training, the first job on the Primera MC ran fairly well. The next, a 4-pocket plus cover calendar, started at 12,000 cph. Production rose the next day to 13,000 cph. And, when Muller Martini technicians were on hand, that increased to 14,000 cph. The customer reported that the 507 cover feeder ran great and that the scoring was much better than other cover feeders they’ve used. What’s more, the highly-automated Primera MC has enabled them to utilize one less worker when loading the feeders.

Customer # 2
This customer replaced an older Bravo M with the Primera MC. They reported that the Primera runs much faster and nets are higher. The result? A second shift has been eliminated.

Customer # 3
Challenged with a 17,000-print run, the new Primera MCS ran at 14,000 cph. with one stop. The same job had previously run on an older Prima at 8,000 cph. The customer reported that the timing of the product to the gathering chain is much smoother and consistent because of Motion Control technology. In addition, the new Primera MC processes oblong products much better, and production has increased by approximately 6,000 cph when compared with the older stitcher.

These types of results are very achievable in your production environment as well. Perhaps 2019 is your year to report new efficiencies and cost savings with the Primera MC.

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