The end-to-end saddle stitching solution for complex, variable products.

As an electrical engineer for Muller Martini, I travel to customers nationwide to install complex, but user-friendly, workflow software solutions. Yes, our modern saddle stitchers are engineered with highly innovative “touchless” functionality that greatly improves workflows by minimizing makereadies and other manual interventions. But there are particular job challenges that demand the use of end-to-end workflow systems that offer further support when processing highly variable products, including personalized content.

Consider, for example, the Presto II Digital, Muller Martini’s most advanced saddle stitching solution which processes printed products featuring variable data, variable thickness and/or variable formats. The Presto II Digital uses barcodes to ensure that every run is complete based upon specific job parameters, independent of their variability. After the operator has entered job specs into the machine, the Presto II then processes the printed product, either from a roll or from sheets, and barcodes ensure that all signatures are correct and in the right sequence before the cover is applied.

It’s a solid workflow. But it’s one that can be further enhanced through Connex software. When added to the Presto II Digital workflow, all a client need provide is a PDF. Connex utilizes the PDF to impose the job and programs all the setup information. So, when that information is sent to the Presto II Digital, the operator simply runs the job, without having to make any time-consuming, error-prone measurements (e.g., trim size format change, etc.).

What’s more, Connex aggregates data so that printers and binderies have access to information and reports that validate whether or not a complex job was processed correctly. This is particularly important for clients who are processing variable content within healthcare or financial documents. These types of jobs demand systems that protect an individual’s privacy in order to ensure compliance with government mandated regulations. Connex provides that assurance and, when added to the Presto II Digital, represents a complete end-to-end finishing workflow solution.

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