Have you checked your press conveyors lately?

What’s one of the easiest machines to ignore in the mailroom? It could very well be the press conveyor whose function may appear to be a bit mundane. That is until one shuts down, and, with it, newspaper production.

As with most newspaper equipment and systems, the install base of Muller Martini’s NewsGrip conveyors is aging. But, we can help alleviate pending calamities and restore your conveyors to baseline levels.

It all begins with a thorough inspection, both visually and via camera, that includes electrical controls, stacker infeeds, tracks, sprockets, chains and belts. Our certified technicians identify all worn parts and provide a detailed Inspection Report that includes a repair quote with BOM.

During some recent inspections, our technicians have reported seeing conveyors where the chain has worn clear though the track. That’s why I encourage you to take a cursory look at your press conveyors to determine if they or prone to an eventual, costly breakdown.

Press conveyors are the backbone of every mailroom. Schedule an inspection to ensure they continue to function quickly and reliably.

Worn Track

Worn Wheel Parts

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