Why not consider adding new capabilities that not only differentiate your business, but make it more efficient?

Changing markets, new challenges. Printers and even more trade binders are facing these concerns every day. For many, being different and offering more than a competitor is the smart solution.

One possibility is to add on equipment that provides optimum efficiency for gatefold cover products. Some companies have already invested in new technology that optimally processes these products, compared with the traditional way of two passes on a perfect binder.

The integration of a Kolbus FA 650 Front Cutting Unit is easy. It can be added after a three-knife trimmer in order to avoid moving any installed machines. Or, for a new line, it’s even more space saving placed before the three-knife trimmer. When not in use, the FA 650 is part of the conveying system, and products can be transported at maximum speed of the perfect binder through the machine.

And even more is possible. By using a turning unit after the FA 650, the machine can also perform 4-side trimming (e.g., loose-leaf products, spiral binding, etc.): the front is trimmed on the FA 650, which then turns the product 180 degree to do three-side trimming (head and tail + spine off trimming) in the three-knife trimmer.

So, definitely consider add-ons. But look for those that offer greater capability for your operation while increasing its efficiency.

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