Price versus reliable performance? Always go with the pro.

As the newspaper industry consolidates and budgets tighten, some facilities are taking a reactive approach to press conveyor and mailroom machine maintenance. And, what ensues is unexpected breakdowns that are often exasperated by temporary fixes.

Consider standard conveyors. Inside the tracks are chains with thousands of small rollers. As those rollers begin to wear, they start eating away at the tracks which then start to eat away at the wheels. Essentially, the problem snowballs, and the conveyor becomes less and less reliable. Yes, a quick, cheap fix may work temporarily. But the danger often lies in what cannot be seen.

That’s why Muller Martini’s MMInspect is so essential to your mailroom’s continued reliability. Its sophisticated inspection tools provide a comprehensive inspection and performance analysis from the inside out to ensure your valued inserting equipment and conveyors will not only continue to run smoothly during your next busy cycle, but day after day for the next several years. MMInspect includes a detailed condition analysis (by component), along with recommended parts which your own in-house maintenance team may be able to install. If your staff is limited, Muller Martini can provide an all-encompassing package inclusive of labor.

Let’s be frank. Muller Martini will never be the price leader. But we’ll always be the quality, professional solutions provider who recognizes how important a proactive maintenance strategy is to your business. An approach that continues to “kick the can down the road” with temporary fixes may deliver short-term savings. But, sooner or later, it’s an approach that will have serious impact on your bottom line—and your readers and customers who depend on your reliable delivery each day.

Now’s the time for Spring cleanouts. Ensure your valued press conveyor and mailroom assets continue to perform optimally. Do the right thing by scheduling an MMInspect.

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