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Some month’s back, I wrote about one of my clients, Friesens Corporation, who had replaced an aging casing inline system with the Diamant MC. It was a particularly gratifying experience for me, in part because Friesens chose Muller Martini over another manufacturer that they had used for decades.

As the market for hardcover books remains stable—and growing—Friesens recently upgraded their finishing department with more Diamant lines in order to meet demand. And, by choosing the same book binding equipment, they were also able to optimize operator resources. Byron Loeppky, Senior Vice President of Books, explains how:

“It’s no secret that our industry is facing a labor shortage. Historically, our binding lines were in different locations, and they were slightly different models with unique settings, set-up, and capabilities. Since all of our Diamants are now in the same building, we can easily move operators between pieces of equipment. So, veteran operators are working alongside newer operators. Not only is that tutelage and support extremely helpful, but we can also leverage the commonality embedded in these systems to reduce training time.”

Partnering? It’s also about people.
As mentioned, this was a brand-new vendor relationship for Friesens. That required a lot of due diligence, research, interviews, and live demos prior to making the actual investment. As Byron recounts:

“When purchasing new bindery equipment, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Naturally, the equipment is a key factor, but so are the “intangibles” like support and service. Very quickly, we got to know the Muller Martini staff in Switzerland, Germany, and North American. And, very quickly, they gained our trust. The people factor cannot be understated. Because although you partner with an organization, you deal with its people.”

Muller Martini is proud to partner with people like Byron Loeppky and the rest of the Friesens’ team. To learn more about the Diamant bookline, click here.

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