Improve your productivity—and profitability—with finishing systems that do it all.

While numerous processes are necessary to make a finished book or booklet, today’s intelligent finishing solutions are capable of handling more and more processes inline. The result? Highly streamlined workflows that achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Consider the series of manual steps that often take place after the ink goes on paper—and before that paper reaches the finishing equipment. The printed paper is physically transported from the press, then brought to other equipment such as a cutter or folder. With today’s highly advanced finishing equipment, a roll or stacks of cutsheets can be placed directly on the finishing equipment where they can then be automatically fed, unwound, cut, folded, and finished into a completed booklet. By eliminating the intermediate offline steps of folding and cutting, production is expedited.

Another scenario takes place with B2-sized sheets. Today, these sheets can be automatically fed into a pile- or pallet-feeding device that then feeds into Muller Martini finishing equipment. So, all steps are done inline as one singular process. As a real-world example, Muller Martini’s Presto II Digital saddle stitcher and the Ventura Digital MC sewing line can both integrate cut-sheet feeding and folding inline, either taking a finished roll off the digital press and integrating it inline with folding, or taking a B2-sized sheet and loading it directly into finishing equipment.

The rewards of intelligent, inline processing are immediate and highly impactful to your bottom line:

  • Speed. Limiting manual steps accelerates production, and, ultimately, the time it takes the finished product to get to market.
  • Productivity. Speeding the production process results in the ability to handle more short-run production, including books of one.
  • Less labor. Since there’s fewer manual steps, less manpower is needed to handle and manage offline tasks.
Please send a comment should you have an experience to share regarding the benefits your facility has experienced by using smart finishing solutions that do it all.

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