Comfort in Familiarity

Although this year arrived with optimistic New Year pledges and friendly “Happy 2020” messages, it has turned into something very unfamiliar to all of us.

However, when you call Muller Martini to order spare parts, you still hear our familiar voices and receive the exceptional customer service you have become accustomed to. But I now try to include a new close when I interact with customers:  I wish them good health and remind them to stay safe.

I hope that this small gesture or the sound of a familiar voice provides a dose of comfort to each one of you and reminds you that no matter how things have changed, Muller Martini is committed to you and is the same solid company you have come to depend on.

As businesses start to open and ramp up to full production, we will continue to strive to meet your every need.  Our offices, factories and warehouse facilities have implemented the necessary precautions to keep us ready and waiting for you.

Our familiar voices and support are just a phone call away.

For parts assistance:
Call 1.888.2MULLER

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