The power of resiliency

Never has the greeting “Happy and Healthy New Year” taken on such gravitas.

If 2020 proved anything, it’s humankind’s resiliency: the ability to evolve, rebuild, and recover after a major global setback. At Muller Martini, I’m proud to say we have demonstrated unbelievable resiliency during these uncertain times.


While it might not be business as usual, we continue to find ways to serve our customers and build our business, all while following strict safety protocols throughout. We have continued to perform installations, relocations, audits, and offer our full portfolio of services. We’ve also been installing new equipment solutions within new sites for launching digital softcover and hardcover solutions, including book of one/make-on-demand solutions.


What’s more, during 2020 we delivered our first fully remanufactured AlphaLiner from our Allentown factory, and we’ve also continued our SLS remanufacturing work with The New York Times, along with performing projects on other clients’ on-site newspaper conveyor systems. We’ve honored a variety of all of our committed deliverables during this pandemic, all while taking in new business and recognizing the necessity to be nimble by adjusting to our clients’ schedule.


Have there been changes? Absolutely.

Muller Martini is still here because we’re resilient, because during unsettling times, we continue to be adaptable and open to change. We are diligent about maintaining a safe environment for our employees—and yours. Every visitor who enters any of our sites has his or her temperature taken. Many of our clients have already decided to continue to work remotely until the middle of 2021, if not permanently. So, like the rest of the country, meetings are held virtually, via videoconference or telephone calls. And when we do travel to a site, all customers complete a questionnaire in advance to ensure that their staff is healthy and the facility follows all proper safety protocols. That helps ensure that our service engineers stay healthy as well.


Agile and responsive scheduling.

There was certainly a slight pause in our schedule early on during the pandemic while we sorted out how to proceed under these unprecedented challenging conditions. Many customers also faced temporary impasses. But we’ve all since collectively bounced back. We continue to juggle schedules midstream to accommodate potential changes. With new challenges faced each day, our goal is to remain:


  • Pivotal
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Vigilant
  • Respectable
  • and, moreover, Healthy, both physically and financially


As we begin this New Year, we are more than grateful for our customers who understand the mutual challenges and opportunities we face. We are living through this together. Resiliency will not only get us through these difficult times, but it will help us to enter the future more efficiently, better, and stronger.


Stay well and make it a great new year!


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