Make Short Work of Short Hardcover Runs

It was over 150 years ago when David McConnell Smyth invented the first book-sewing machine. Sewn books are still recognized as the finest hardcover books produced, a sign of high quality and robust durability, the kind of book you want to cherish for a lifetime. But in the last few decades, short digital runs have become increasingly more popular while sewing has become less economical and feasible.


For today’s textbook, yearbook, photobook, and children’s book publishers to be profitable, printers and binderies need to produce single sewn hardcover books faster, better, and more cost efficiently. The Ventura MC Digital is helping short hardcover runs make a comeback by providing a faster production of high-quality, highly customized books.


The Ventura’s digital sewing line delivers ultra-efficient production of quality hardcover books of one.

  • The integration of multiple processes–including cutting, folding, collating, sewing, and finishing–provides seamless, trouble-free production.
  • Touchless, barcode-driven workflow eliminates makereadies and operator intervention, regardless of book-to-book thickness variability or content.
  • Faster net outputs, thanks to inline folding and scoring of B2 sized sheets.
  • Roll-fed option minimizes costly blank pages due to variability in cutting and folding.
  • Patented sewing technology
  • Connex seamless workflow eliminates human errors.

The Ventura Digital MC is a game-changer in sewn books. If you have any questions about the Ventura MC Digital, or general questions about Müller Martini’s sewing capabilities, let me know.

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