Relocating your equipment? Remember: You get what you pay for.

Are you planning on relocating your equipment any time soon? While it’s tempting to go with a less expensive bid, we’ve heard too many horror stories from our customers who were lured by cheap moving bids only to pay the consequences later. Sure, “those other guys” could take the equipment apart and move it. But when it came to putting it back together, they lacked the Müller Martini engineering expertise to get the machine up and running 100%. In fact, cheaper bids often end up costing our customers tens of thousands of dollars more just to get the machine running properly after a shoddy relocation, resulting not only in added expenses but also lost revenue and productivity.


Müller Martini factory-certified technicians treat every relocation like a new installation.
Our full-service factory-certified technicians address every stage of the process, from pre-installation considerations to post-installation performance. So when you’re planning a move, keep in mind:


  • “Machinery movers” are just that: machinery movers. One day, they’re moving a 30-pocket binder and the next day a backhoe from the local expressway. Our dedicated technicians only service Müller Martini equipment, so they know your equipment inside and out. They will be on site, before, during, and after your move, and provide a complete machine checkout and factory base lining after re-installation to make sure everything is running smoothly before they leave.
  • Third-party vendors often modify machines with non-OEM components that we are unable to support. This creates avoidable obstacles for our customers and makes troubleshooting very difficult. Our technicians have direct access to genuine Muller Martini parts, components, and software upgrades.
  • Our factory-certified technicians and service engineers have an entire engineering group behind them in case any issues arise. Third party vendors do not. They claim to be factory-trained technicians, but without the factory/engineering support, they often find themselves in trouble. In fact, many of our customers have hired Müller Martini to “bail them out” because these third- party vendors were unable to get the machine running.
  • Inspections prior to relocating the machine are also very valuable. Issues can be identified in advance to make the startup after the relocation go smoothly. As an added bonus, parts identified in the inspection that need replacement receive a 10% discount as well as having these parts installed during the relocation. This frequently saves the customer money since in many cases they can be installed on the same trip, which also saves travel costs. The discount applies to upgrades as well.
  • Our reinstallation services provide a thorough CAD layout, which includes a blueprint of the machine’s footprint within the new facility, to ensure the machine is properly located within your building.


We want to help you avoid any unexpected expenses from your move. If you have any questions about our relocation/reinstallation services, please contact me.

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