Constants are Comforting

In a world riddled with uncertainties, it’s essential to know who you can count on. Like a friend who makes time for you when you need to talk. The paper delivery service that leaves the news of the world on your doorstep before you wake every morning. And hearing a familiar voice on the end of the line when you call the Müller Martini Parts Department.
Many of us at Müller Martini Parts Department have been with the company anywhere between 15 to 40 years, so odds are when you reach out to us, by phone or email, you will connect with someone you already know. Not only is it reassuring to hear a familiar voice, but you can also take comfort knowing that our technicians have decades of experience working on Müller Martini equipment.
Along with who you can count on, it’s also important to know what you can count on, like Müller Martini original parts. Don’t be fooled by cheaper generic parts. As my colleague Christopher Nappi recently discussed in his blog, Are you ready for the big end-of-the-year push?: “The more generic the part, the more risks for machine breakdown.”
There’s never a good time for your equipment to falter. Safeguard your success with original OEM parts that are made specifically for your machine to ensure that it runs up to its potential. This helps reduce wear and tear on other functional parts in the machinery to avoid catastrophic failure. Our well-stocked, centrally-located Allentown warehouse is here for you to ensure the success of your operation through uninterrupted production. When your machine is properly serviced, you can count on it to take you through your busiest crunch.
Because there’s never a good time to hit a snag in your production, you can always count on our Parts department to be available 24/7 for you with in-office and after-hour phone coverage. Just call us 1-888-2-Muller (5537).
And of course, I will never miss an opportunity to remind you of the power of MPower, where you can plan ahead to avoid unexpected disruptions to your jobs.
In addition to convenient 24/7 parts ordering, MPower allows you to review and track personalized account information, such as:

  • Open orders with anticipated delivery dates.
  • Current quotes that can be updated when you’re ready to make a purchase.
  • Recent shipments, as well as tracking information, and access to invoices and packing lists.
  • Recent service calls with technician notes.
  • Your installed machines and their documentation.
  • Active service agreements.

If you need help setting up your MPower account, just call our Parts Department at 1.888.268.5537, and press option 2. If you already have an account, take a moment to update your contact information and let us know if your machinery has changed.
Let the Müller Martini Parts Department be the constant in your day that brings you comfort.

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