Resilience. The key to success during unprecedented times. Part 3: Share your experience.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that 2020 was a year for the books. Although we had high hopes for 2021, breakthrough cases of COVID-19 and the Delta variant have potentially slowed plans for a full and complete return to normalcy. Forced outside our business-as-usual comfort zone, we have learned to pivot and be flexible as new obstacles continue to challenge us. This is the essence of resiliency.


Over the past few installments (Part 1: When in doubt, innovate, and Part 2: Assess Every Step), I have been sharing lessons and strategies in resiliency that I’ve learned from these unsettled and unchartered times in the hope that they will also help you foster resiliency in your work, despite unforeseen or overwhelming obstacles. In this third installment, I address the most overlooked strategy and the most human one.



Perhaps the most unifying attribute of COVID-19 is that everyone is experiencing its impact. Not the common denominator that we hope for, but nonetheless one that is unifying. More than a year ago, we all laughed at the father on national news whose interview was interrupted by his children bursting into the office. For many of us, this has become the new norm. Today, kids, dogs and microwaves dinging in the background are the soundtrack of an entire workforce at home, along with the occasional  unexpected video drop-in surprises.


As we begin to travel and meet in person, whether for leisure or business, know that many things have changed. Some substantially, while others may only be slightly different from what you remember. But as you ease back into face-to-face connections, you can help others who may still be struggling by paying it forward. Resiliency is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. And the more everyone uses it, the better the outcome for all of us. Sharing your experience is instrumental to your success and the success of your clients, colleagues, and business alliances.


  • Utilize non-competitive situations to discuss how you’re making it through.
  • Encourage others to share their intelligence and wisdom with you mutually.
  • Provide recommendations to your clients based on experience and insight, particularly when it comes to market obsolescence and what they can do to keep ahead of the curve.
  • Use the successes of other industries to spark ideas, conversation, and solutions.
  • Where comfortable, discuss adaptations not only at a business level but on a more personal/family level.


The past 20 months have been isolating for many but reaching out and sharing is an important strategy to keep up as our evolving new normal continues. In my next blog installment, I will take a deep dive into a subject of consequential importance to our industry: the severe global supply chain issue.


How have you fostered resiliency in your professional and personal workspace this year? Let me know by sharing your experiences in the comments sections below. Or feel free to reach out to me directly.


In the meantime, stay well and in touch!


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