The Ever-Evolving World of Muller Martini Tech Support

A wise old man, sitting on a porch, remembering younger times, can tell this story with his eyes closed. “I remember when we didn’t have so many machines, so many customers, and so many contracts. In addition “NO 24 hour Support.”
As Muller Martini has grown its Product lines and Services, MM Tech Support has evolved alongside the industry. Since the late 70’s, Muller Martini has been providing support to our customers through onsite service and Technical Phone assistance. What once was a one-man operation, has now transformed into a collaborative “All Hands on Deck” operation.
The 2023 MM Technical Team version includes Engineers and Technicians specializing in Network/IP, Connex, Workflow, Perfect Binders, Press Room systems, Mailroom systems, and more. However, to cater to the diverse needs of our customers, Muller Martini has expanded support to our Field Service Engineers with expertise in Heidelberg, Kolbus, and Hoerauf. The addition of our Digital Products, Sigma Folders, Alegro Digital, and Digital Presto II Saddle Stitchers, along with our Pro series machines, has escalated the demand for highly knowledgeable, extensively trained support.
If that wise old man was present today, he would say, “We are striving to provide the best possible support to our ever growing customers.”

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