Protecting Your Investment

Knowing that the runway to continue to put Ink on Paper for most newspapers is AT LEAST 10 years, we need to keep our existing equipment running efficiently, if full replacement is not an option.


Centralization and consolidation of newspaper printing facilities into common locations is continuing at a rapid pace. This means an increase in production on legacy equipment that in many cases was already in need of repair, upgrade or replacement in the worst of conditions.

Realizing that capital expenditures for full replacement has not been in the forefront of budgetary minds for some time, Muller Martini has been very actively engaged in the protection of existing customer legacy assets.

Training and audits are the key to evaluating your operation and improving the efficiency of staff as well as the equipment that they rely on each day. The first step is a performance analysis or audit of your existing equipment. Following the audit, Muller Martini will prepare a detailed report to review the results of the audit and provide recommendation for improvements.

Possible improvements range widely and are specific to each client but primarily fall into three major areas: training, repairs and upgrades.

For instance, there are a number of upgrades available on the SLS 2000 which allow increased performance and reliability while also taking advantage of the SLS 3000 improved design features. Those upgrades include WinLincs control replacements to the latest software version; opening station improvements, including the addition of pulsed air; 3000 Gripper System replacement of original 2000 design; missed insert repair system (MIRS) replacements; and other key mechanical area improvement areas.

Stay tuned for more actual project news from clients that have benefitted from the improvements mentioned above. In the meantime, give me a call or drop me an email to schedule the first step of the analysis process.


Gary Owen

March 2018


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