Labor and Technology: Crossroads or Turning Point?

Printing is experiencing one of the top five steepest declines in available labor throughout industry. While it would be easy to view that as a dark reality to a business supposedly in decline, NOT SO FAST!


Resulting from contraction and acquisition, fewer commercial printers are sharing a healthy volume of printed content. Revenue per company has increased at a double-digit growth rate from 2001 and 2017. We would be remiss not to recognize that a significant percentage of the assets producing are fully amortized, making cost management potentially false guidance for the future. The trend that inkjet technology is becoming an acceptable commercial print alternative to offset is driving opportunities to bring additional value into printed content through variable data management and an adaptation to shorter run lengths. And, this reality is causing the trend lines for labor and technology to intersect.


At that intersection lies the principals of Muller Martini’s ideology, Finishing 4.0. Finishing 4.0 is not just another marketing plan. It’s an existence, one that that provides both pathway and partner as you navigate past that point of intersection.


By utilizing our product portfolio, service organization, and consultancy, Muller Martini can help you manage your labor reality while continuing to infuse value into the printed content and products you produce. Finishing 4.0 provides the needed framework for properly designed and configured industrial solutions for the emerging and promising printed content market space.


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