The benefits of seeing it live….

Even in the age of social media, YouTube and lightning fast communications, getting up close and personal with a machine is hard to beat.


The Muller Martini facility in Allentown, PA offers an opportunity to do just that. A state-of-the art facility for manufacturing, and our main hub for parts support in North America, the Allentown facility also lets you see a variety of the latest equipment in operation. The line-up changes frequently, and we schedule visits for our customers on a regular basis.

Just recently a customer contemplating an upgrade to their saddle stitching area visited the facility with staff members and specialists to take an up-close look at the latest Presto II saddle stitching system that was being readied for installation. They were able to experience the system’s capabilities live and in person.


During customer visits like these, we discuss applications, experiences and ideas with highly skilled and experienced instructors. These conversations are always engaging and provide a learning opportunity for everybody involved.  And, in this particular case, just a few weeks later a brand-new Presto II saddle stitching system began operating at the customer’s facility, greatly impacting production.


There are always chances to learn about the latest methods and tools to optimize production. A visit to the Muller Martini facilities in Allentown or abroad offer some of the very best opportunities to do just that.


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