Tradeshows ARE Important!

Numerous benefits are still easily obtained by attending quality printing shows.

I think we all agree that our industry has changed dramatically. In the last eight to ten years, there have been numerous technological advancements in printing and finishing, particularly with regard to digital and modern offset printing, and the increased variability of content, formats, and run size.

As with many other industries, a major method of customer education, the Tradeshow, has been on the decline. With instantaneous information available on the Internet about equipment and system processes, the cost for a manufacturer to invest in an industry exhibit (i.e., rent space, ship equipment, send staff and operators, etc.) has become much less popular since the ability to realize a positive ROI is always of concern.

Add to that, the cries of Pundits preaching that “print is dying.” Today, most now realize that this idea was foolishly wrong. Innovative, new and varied technology (e.g., intelligent bar codes for content verification, QR codes, near-field communications, augmented reality codes, etc.) has opened the door for an increased need for more printed products. In many cases, printed products serve as a pathway/medium by which users can visit websites that help facilitate the buying process.

In late March, I attended Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) in which HP takes the time and effort to display its newest products and continue educating their direct customer base. Muller Martini is a proud partner of this event.  At Dscoop, we complemented HP’s press technology by demonstrating our Vareo Digital Perfect Binder. Show attendees got to see first-hand the Vareo’s ability to quickly finish many different format sizes and thicknesses, as well as match Variable Content Data of PUR bound books, perform near zero makereadies, automatically feed most any type book block, and offer one-off and batch runs.

Being at Dscoop reinforced the great benefits that both manufacturers and attendees achieve through events like these, including:

  • Opportunity to experience first-hand where print is going. Seeing a machine perform live goes well beyond watching a structured YouTube video.
  • Engagement and convenience. I was able to speak with a variety of printing accounts and contacts in one location.
  • Value of partnerships. Muller Martini’s partnership with Hewlett Packard enabled me to invite several of my accounts who were not HP users. Three of these accounts not only were able to see the capabilities of the Muller Vareo perfect binder but are now also considering digital press systems.
  • Global impact. I was surprised at the number of professionals who attended from South American printing companies, including Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.

Naturally, we were very happy to be a part of this great event and feel that the internal costs were well worth our investment. DScoop reinforced for me how very important it is for all of us—print buyers, vendors and manufacturers—to  continue to support and attend these valuable events.


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