Use upgrades and enhancements to increase the efficiency and throughput of your legacy machines.

Muller Martini manufactures extraordinarily durable machines which still function twenty or more years later. But, it’s simply a fact of life that older equipment often lacks the productivity that’s achieved by newer machines that have been engineered with newer technologies.


That’s the reason why we provide technological upgrades and other enhancements that let you get the best possible performance from your legacy machines, even if the result is simply returning that machine to its baseline level. And, it’s worthwhile to note that these efficiency upgrades don’t just boost productivity, they protect the value of your investment by extending the machine’s lifecycle.


There can be an obstacle to some upgrades, however, and that’s obsolescence. Certain machines and/or electronics manufactured decades or more ago may no longer be available. And that means that necessary spare parts are also hard to come by, if not impossible. A good strategy? Initiate a dedicated preventative maintenance program that helps ensure your machine’s continued performance.


Upgrades and enhancements enable you to compete with all-new machines at a fraction of the cost. But you need to be proactive in planning upgrades in advance, rather than waiting for unexpected—and costly—breakdowns. By doing so, you’ll reap such measurable benefits as:

    • Increased net throughput.
    • Reduced makereadies.
    • Less operational expense.
    • Decreased maintenance costs.
    • Better quality control.
    • Reduced waste.

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