When It Comes to Offering the Most Advanced Finishing Technology, There’s a Clear Choice.

Recently, my client, Friesens Corporation, was kind enough to provide feedback about a recent installation of our Diamant MC Casing-In System which replaced an older casing inline system. Friesens manufactures yearbooks, coffee table books, and general interest titles and has been in business since 1907.


What was particularly gratifying about this investment was that Friesens chose Muller Martini over another major finishing manufacturer that they’ve used for decades.  The reason? Friesens determined that the Diamant MC Casing-In System’s innovative technology far exceeded their current line.


Here’s how Corporate Bindery Manager, Mark Friesen (who is not related to the parent company), explained the decision:


“The continued upswing in book manufacturing compelled us to improve the efficiency of our bookbinding operation. We have had a long-standing relationship with one of Muller Martini’s competitors. But, we were curious to see what Muller Martini offered, and their team was extremely knowledgeable and well prepared and took us to numerous sites to watch the Diamant MC perform in action. That, combined with the bookline’s unmatched technology features, sealed our decision.”


The highly-automated Diamant MC’s intelligent, technically superior processes ensure a perfectly rounded book spine and a precisely formed joint, along with shape stability. In addition, Muller Martini’s proprietary Motion Control technology optimizes the individual process steps needed for each run, thus shortening makeready.


Another interesting point is that switching to Muller Martini’s Diamant MC Bookline was also influenced by a 30-year Friesens’ casing in operator who watched the machine perform live. According to Mark, “He was a huge proponent of Muller Martini’s technology and felt it was much better than the old line. And, he’s now able to communicate that message directly to his fellow operators.”


I cannot think of a better champion of our technology than a veteran operator who was able to see first-hand the difference Muller Martini engineering can make.


Many thanks to Friesens for letting me share their story.


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