Protecting Your Investment Through Obsolescence Replacement.

Knowing that the runway to continue to put Ink on Paper for most newspapers is AT LEAST 10 years, we need to keep our existing equipment running efficiently, if full replacement is not an option.

Electronic controls systems are the heartbeat of our operations. Yet, in most all conveyors and inserters that are over 10 years old, the original electronics equipment manufacturer either no longer makes or supports the electronic components originally designed into Muller Martini systems.


Here’s how you can continue to support your operation:

  1. Source. There may be parts that are collecting dust in some maintenance departments in another production facility, either within your own group or through another industry resource.
  2. Search. Locate available components on internet e-commerce sites (i.e. eBay) or plant closing auctions.
  3. Harvest. If you are fortunate to have more than one conveyor line and one is no longer used, you may be able to harvest parts from that non-working line.
  4. Upgrade. If the intention is to stay in the “Ink on Paper” production business for the foreseeable future, the most prudent path is to invest in the actual replacement of obsolete parts with all new and upgraded componentry that meets today’s standards and is also supported by the manufacturer. Muller Martini offers complete upgrade solutions to our Alphaliner and SLS Inserters and NewsGrip Conveyance systems. Since each system is specific to your site, an evaluation and resultant Investment Proposal is customized to your needs.
  5. Harvest and Upgrade. A blend of #3 and #4 is also possible. In the case of having multiple lines, one of your conveyor lines can be upgraded and the parts that are removed can be “harvested” to support the outdated line.

Working with an OEM such as Muller Martini insures that the engineering design team is fully engaged throughout the sales process, including the handoff to manufacturing, as well as  before service engineers arrive on site to perform the upgrade. Thereafter, you can take comfort in knowing that the upgrades were performed successfully by qualified personnel that are not only versed in installation and ongoing support, but have also performed similar upgrades nationwide with an engineering support team behind them every step of the way.


If you think your control systems are aging, they are. Contact Muller Martini today to protect your investment.


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