From Inspect to Select: How to ensure your finishing equipment is delivering optimal performance.

It’s reasonable to assume that some older stitchers and perfect binders aren’t performing at baseline speed, thereby negatively impacting production. But, there are solutions to get those machines back on track.  Muller Martini’s MMInspect provides a detailed diagnostic analysis of a machine’s condition with repair recommendations. Repairs are then performed through our MMSelect program.


I’ll let Brian Lester, Director of Operations for Consolidated Press in Seattle, provide his first-hand assessment of the effectiveness of these programs:


“For quite some time we had put off doing some needed repair work on the Primera saddle stitching line. I’m sure our position is common to many printers/binderies:  workload is too heavy, now is not a good time, etc. When we finally decided we could not put this off any longer, you and your team at Muller Martini were quick to work with us in developing a plan.


The technician who came out to do the inspection arrived on time and immediately went to work. For several days he went through the entire line and diagnosed numerous items in need of repair or replacement. The technician was professional and courteous at all times in communicating with our operators and supervisors. After completing the diagnostic analysis of the machine and departing the plant, his comprehensive report was provided to us within days for our review.


The report he provided was presented to us via electronic PDF and was easy to read and understand. Along with commentary, pictures were provided to help us see and understand items in need of replacement or repair. The report was presented in a way that broke down the machine into different sections, and within each section was a list of parts needed and a MM quote number for us to use in ordering the parts. This made the procurement of the parts extremely easy, and as always, the parts department at MM was helpful in placing the order.


All of the parts needed arrived a full week ahead of the scheduled return of the technician for installation. Not a single item was on back order. Your technician once again showed up on time and within several days we were back up and running. After the repairs were completed and we were back into our normal production cycle, the difference was obvious: our make readies were cut in half, and our production throughput was back at the higher end of the capabilities of the machine.


This experience reaffirmed my belief, based on decades of experience in the industry, that Muller Martini is far and away the best OEM when it comes to service and reliability of the equipment itself. Your technician did a wonderful job. We have not had to have him back or even field a call related to the work that he did.


My thanks to Brian for providing these comments. If you would like to get started getting more productivity from your finishing line, simply contact me or your Muller Martini Regional Sales Manager.


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