Here’s One of the Most Cost-Effective Upgrades for an Aging Adhesive Binding Line.

Muller Martini and Kolbus adhesive binding lines produce hundreds of millions of books over their lifetime. And, with a variety of effective support options, these lines can be kept in production for a very long time, continuing to provide excellent service to their owners.


As the industry changes and evolves, the demands we put on the equipment can change as well. Faced with the production of more jobs and smaller quantities, a less experienced workforce, and more erratic and dynamic production schedules, print manufacturers must consider ways to match equipment capabilities with this new environment.


A complete new adhesive binding line, although ideally suited for today’s production needs, may not be an option in some cases. In those circumstances, replacing just the three-knife trimmer with a new, modern alternative can be a relatively easy, yet highly effective upgrade for the entire line.

A new pile trimmer is not only simpler to operate and offers job set-up in minutes, but it provides the highest trim quality even for difficult products. A trimmer replacement is usually a quick integration, which shows immediate results right after start-up. Operators spend only minutes on a new pile trimmer, saving sometimes vast amounts of time that can be effectively used to concentrate on the rest of the adhesive binding line, driving up overall performance. What’s more, the need to watch aging trimmers for quality production goes away, and operators gain confidence to turn up production speeds.


A new pile trimmer has immediate impact on production results. At the same time, it can be the first building block of a complete upgrade down the road when a new integrated, highly automated gatherer, binder and transport system are added, making it a very cost effective and scalable investment.

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