Today’s Newspaper and Mailroom Mantra? Make What’s Old New Again.

As newspaper revenues declined, capital investment in new post-press equipment came to a halt since the need for new technology to meet tighter deadlines was no longer necessary.  The result? Equipment, from press conveyors to inserting machines to bundle distribution equipment, is aging.  And, that is why newspapers are now investing in rebuilding these systems, while also addressing issues of electronics obsolescence.


In the Muller Martini Allentown, Pennsylvania, factory, we are busy rebuilding equipment and providing upgrades that address reliability and performance issues. Many of our customers are taking advantage of these enhancements to make their packaging centers more productive. Less downtime not only helps to increase profitability, but opens more capacity that allows them to continue to offer packaging services to other newspapers as consolidations continue.


The discontinuation of an electronic device is typically not Muller Martini’s decision, but rather that of the component’s manufacturer. However, this is an era of unprecedented technological growth. And that growth mandates obsolescence at ever-increasing speeds, thus reducing the lifecycle of many bindery electronic components.


That is why we have also have been focusing our engineering resources on staying ahead of electronics obsolescence issues to keep our customers’ equipment online. We urge all of all customers to take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to electronics obsolescence. There are sound strategies that can mitigate these risks, and Muller Martini is here to help. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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