Reduce Operator Error—and Costly Waste—By Optimizing Your Digital Workflows.

The opportunities afforded by digital print manufacturing are well documented. The ability to process products in small quantities, even a book of one, is of great benefit not only to its publisher, but also to the end user who receives more personally relevant content. However, such unpredictability—be it in run size, format, and/or content changes—often presents formidable challenges to finishing production efficiency.


Muller Martini’s industry-leading book manufacturing system, SigmaLine, utilizes Connex Digital to simplify complex digital workflows. The software provides an end-to-end workflow that begins with a preflighted PDF file, taking the job through its imposition to a gathered book block. Connex Digital reduces the effort and manpower needed in IT staffing to prepare the files for digital print, by seamlessly imposing the files with all of the required data including all marks and barcodes for any downstream finishing processes.


Connex Digital utilizes open standard JDF files which contain all relevant production control data, including print run, job name, size, etc. After a job is completed, Connex returns a feedback JDF file to ensure the quality of the data throughout the entire production process.


In addition, Connex Digital also features Variable Data Printing (VDP) modules which enable products with different content or page counts to be produced in a singular production run. The signatures are tracked using barcodes, and Connex Digital offers a quality checker that provides feedback/validation on every book that is printed—and what, if any, need to be re-done.


Connex Digital’s key benefits are threefold:

  1. Reduction in IT staffing due to seamless file preparation.
  2. A smooth production path delivers optimum productivity, even when producing ultra-short runs or full VDP.
  3. Minimal operator input results in less errors and less costly waste/reprints.

Connex Digital can be integrated with most digital printing presses. Not only does it simplify complex workflows, but it also provides peace of mind for less experienced operators. I would be happy to provide you with more information on the benefit of integrating Connex Digital into your operation.

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