In a word: Print.

Have you heard the latest on print vs. digital media? Studies show that comprehension is significantly better when reading printed material over digital. So, your children’s grades could see a higher return if they utilize the printed textbook. Tablets are great for expanding on content by linking to more information via video and/or websites. But because they are so good at switching topics quickly, they’ve trained users to lose focus. How many times have you been reading an email or article on your smartphone or tablet and switch to a text message that just came in? Have you checked a ball score or leaderboard in the middle of reading something else because a word on the page reminded you about the game? Me? Guilty! Go Vikings!

Perhaps that is why the large book manufacturers have been retooling for the past few years, and we are now seeing investments from regional plants as well. With our expanded equipment portfolio gained through the Kolbus bookline acquisition, Muller Martini has a unique opportunity to really tailor solutions to your needs. Recently, when I gave a customer a KM610 brochure, he looked at it rather quizzically, and said “who’d of thought that one day you would hand me a Kolbus brochure?”

Now, I look forward to the day that he is binding his printed product on a Muller Martini finishing system, regardless of the model he chooses.

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