Challenged by a particular job? We’ll run it at our Demo Center.

If you’re struggling with the finishing of a complex job, or would just like some recommendations on how to  process it more efficiently, our Allentown, Pennsylvania, Demonstration Center may be worth considering.

Case in point: Recently, one of my customers needed to replace an older saddle stitcher with a solution that could efficiently process pharmaceutical inserts (also called “prescription information” or “package insert”), commonly referred to in our industry as PIs.

As consumers, we’ve all seen our share of PIs. They are the data-packed inserts that are typically folded down to a very small size, despite their thickness. The PI is then glued onto a pocket and inserted within a brochure. The problem my client was having was that the PI’s thickness made it difficult to feed, causing it to crease the folder that it was in when it went through their older saddle stitcher. I recommended they send the actual product to our Allentown Demonstration Center where we could test different options using the Primera MC saddle stitcher.

The product consisted of four different pieces, with the outside piece being the pocket which contained the PI. We tried testing the PI flat and folding it that way. We also tested it with it folded with the PI inside of it. After some trial and error, we decided to run the job on vacuum which allowed us to successfully process the PI inside the folder with all of the other signatures, plus the pocket, through to the trimmer without creating any indentation whatsoever.

Since the customer was not on site, I videotaped the process, took still shots of the finished product and also sent them finished samples. The result? The customer purchased the Primera MC Standard within a month. And, they are very pleased—not only at the efficiencies gained when running pamphlets containing PIs, but with their standard commercial work which, thanks to the Primera MC, is running much more efficiently as well.






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