Turning reduced capital equipment budgets into increased productivity, higher profits, and happier employees.

In general, large multi-plant printing and publishing companies generally allocate capital expenditure or CAPEX dollars for their satellite facilities. Before a new fiscal year begins, each plant’s management team submits detailed ROIs for new and replacement equipment.

Unfortunately, the old American proverb, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” often applies and other departments’ needs override the equipment CAPEX. What’s more, if not quickly acted on, even smaller, leftover dollars evaporate.

Several multi-plant accounts I’m familiar with are waiting on another year for major CAPEX dollars. The good news, however, is they’re making very good use of remaining budget money by investing in existing systems. I’m pleased to say that Muller Martini is one of the few graphic arts equipment manufacturers to offer services that help you do just that. MMServices consists of a portfolio of performance enhancement programs that provide continual improvement for your equipment, processes, and people.

Each service offering is designed to achieve results specific to your legacy equipment and your specific needs. Many of my customers have experienced huge improvements in quality, speed, and overall production of their existing equipment. All work is performed by Muller Martini factory-trained technicians using only OEM parts, and jobs are scheduled so as not to interfere with normal production.

If your CAPEX dollars weren’t allocated for the reasons you requested, this is a sound alternative. Why not consider improving the performance of your existing equipment today while you wait to upgrade?

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