Does your bindery believe in the “big picture?”

In today’s evolving print landscape, there’s a tendency to utilize short-term approaches that are focused on immediate costs or whatever’s disposable. However, no matter what industry you compete in, smart investors understand the importance of investing for the long term. And, in order to do so, you need to choose a strategic partner whose track record and experience reflects that same long-term commitment.

Here are some key attributes you should expect from your finishing business partner:

  • Vision. Manufacturing demands insight and foresight. Does the partner demonstrate a proven ability to act on trends, and not simply react to them? In other words, is it a leader or a follower?
  • Brand loyalty. There’s a reason why big brands endure. Consider how many years a potential partner has been in the industry. Then find out what their current customers say about them.
  • Superior quality. Is the quality produced by the saddle stitcher or perfect binder consistently superior? Does the equipment provide identical results independent of whether the product is offset or digitally produced?
  • Dedicated service and support teams. An investment in bindery equipment is a significant one. But what happens after the machine is installed? Be sure your partner offers knowledgeable, factory-authorized service as well as an ample support staff that can respond to your demands.

Nearly six centuries ago, the first printing press was invented. Clearly, Mr. Gutenberg understood the importance of the “big picture” and how a movable printing press would enable mass production and forever change our world. Change marches on, but print is here to stay. Don’t let your bindery become short-sighted. Invest with partners who truly value the long-term.

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