Being proactive with bindery parts replacement can help protect your bottom line—and your sanity.

There is a common saying in life, “Pay me now, or pay me later.” When it comes to the printing industry, it’s more like, “Pay me now, or pay me more later,” particularly If you are not following basic machine maintenance schedules.

Why is that true? Simply because all bindery parts, even those with the best care, begin to wear. Gears, bearings, belts, etc., sooner or later need replacement.

Order ahead to so you can schedule repairs at your convenience.

Ordering the bindery parts you need so that repairs can be performed on your timetable eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress. I have been in situations when a machine breaks down unexpectedly, and you’re faced with pressing deadlines and unhappy customers wanting to know where their books and magazines are. There is no way to convey how quickly out of control these situations can get.

Need a part ASAP? Muller Martini is always available.

But, no matter what situation you may be in, the Muller Martini Parts Department and our ten Parts Specialists will help get your machine running again as soon as possible.

If you prefer to order your parts online, I encourage you to sign up for the recently updated MPower 4.0, our 24/7 parts portal. To do so, call 1.888.268.5537 and enter Option 2.

Need help with a part? Just call 1.888.2MULLER, or email us at, and let us help you get moving again.

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