SAFE. Enhanced Connex support when you need it most.

For many operations, books of one and shorter runs are actually increasing overall daily output. This greater demand, coupled with constantly changing formats and/or content, has resulted in a production process that’s even more challenging and complex for operators, machines, and systems.

A start-to-finish connection optimizes production.

As our current users have already discovered, Connex is an essential print workflow tool for this new production paradigm. By connecting the entire production line, Connex can track and analyze every job’s performance throughout the entire process, allowing crews to make “just-in-time” modifications and adjustments that not only optimize production, but save time and money.

Direct access to Muller Martini technicians with SAFE.

The print workflow feedback your operation gains through Connex often requires immediate attention—and action. That’s a key reason why, with all new Connex installations, Muller Martini now offers SAFE. SAFE provides Connex users with direct access to our technicians through voice, email or remote services. It also lets users receive timely software upgrades. SAFE is available for Connex.Info and Connex.Line Control modules.

More and more of our Connex customers are signing up for SAFE. If you already have Connex or are thinking about it, I would be happy to review the program with you.

In short-run production, what’s been your biggest print workflow challenge? Let us know below.

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