Why scalability and investment protection are even more critical in digital print environments.

More and more companies are seeing their digital manufacturing operation grow. And, in more and more cases, quality and performance expectations are just as high for digital manufacturing as they are for offset printing.

As a result, we see an increasing demand for commercial grade saddle stitching systems that are just as capable to effectively finish digitally printed products. For example, the latest Primera MC and Presto II saddle stitching systems are critical production tools for many commercial printers as they produce millions of offset products throughout the country every day.

Scalability makes conventional systems digital-friendly.

A unique modular design approach allows these high-performance saddle stitching systems to be configured also for digital production. A number of different modules and feeding options can be added at any time. In that way, a powerful conventional stitching system can be enabled to not only be fed directly from a digitally printed roll or cut-sheets, but unwind, sheet, fold, collate in-line with the possibility of touchless, barcode driven workflows, including full VDP capability, tracking every single sheet going through the system.

This unique scalability allows users to adapt this equipment to changing production needs and satisfy the demand for highest quality and performance. Rather than being forced to invest in multiple smaller booklet makers, which are quickly outgrown, companies now rely on the same commercial grade stitching systems that have supported their conventional business for many years, to also execute their digital manufacturing volume and produce in exactly the same quality because it’s done on exactly the same equipment.

Learn more about these investment-protected solutions.

Take a look at the Presto II Digital and the Primera MC Digital saddle stitching systems, two premier examples of how scalability and modularity can drive efficiencies and protect investments at the same time.

What’s been your greatest challenge when processing both digital and offset printed products, e.g., Makereadies? Consistent quality? Workflow? Operator Training? Let us know below.

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