Trust is the key to true partnerships—and future opportunities. Here’s proof.

In today’s ever-changing, ever-challenging industry, printing companies and equipment manufacturers can discover huge monetary and production advantages by trusting in their long-term business relationships. As you’ll read, what often ensues is the upgrading of manufacturing processes which in turn deliver investment protection for all parties.

Distinct manufacturing challenges. Similar financial constraints.

I recently had the opportunity to help two long-term customers upgrade their manufacturing processes while minimizing costs. In so doing, my 20+ year’s experience championing the value of what a business partnership truly means benefitted both my company and two plants, specifically, a trade finishing company and a growing commercial printer who both had changing and developing business needs that were exacerbated by tight equipment budgets:

1. The trade bindery needed to downsize their large perfect binding system and instead invest in the rapidly expanding digital, short-run book production market. Due to highly competitive market conditions, their perfect binding system was under-utilized. However, constant customer requests for very short-run and one-off books could not be efficiently produced on their large perfect binding system.

2. The expanding commercial printer had recently upgraded their printing capabilities with the purchase of a new large format, multi-color press. This investment was driven by the expansion of their short- to medium-run catalog and magazine business which in turn demanded faster turnaround supported by low, in-house production costs.  But, the emerging need for an in-house, full-line binding system was not only time-sensitive, but costly.

Here’s where the “true partnership” came into play. My relationship and experience with these two long-term, valued customers enabled me to help address both their needs. Neither company had the volume of monthly book production to justify an ROI on a new, full-line binding system. The trade finisher needed to recover his already invested capital—and re-direct it to a digital one-off system. The commercial printer badly needed a full-line binding system, but investing in a new one was simply out of the question.

Having been a consultant and sales partner to both these companies, I truly understood their needs and was thus able to coordinate the sale of the large in-line binding system between the trade bindery and the commercial printer. That sale then freed up the investment capital the trade bindery needed to purchase a Muller Martini digital one-off finishing system.

Partnerships built on mutual trust inspire confidence—and deliver bottom-line benefits.

What’s inherent in the trust that facilitated these transactions?  In a word, confidence. Because of our mutual partnerships, both companies knew that they had maximized their investment values and properly expanded their manufacturing capabilities. And, in many regards, that confidence was advanced by Muller Martini’s proven ability to provide the additional investment security that comes with reliable installation, service, and parts support.

Has your bindery transformed a cost-prohibitive situation into a successful outcome? Let us know below.

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