When it comes to service, planning makes perfect.

At Muller Martini, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled scope of our service offerings. However, customer knowledge and input is an integral component of a successful service experience.

For example, Muller Martini’s MMSelect service program provides many service options, including equipment evaluation, maintenance and repairs, baseline tune-up, and training.

But regardless of your company’s need, each program will produce better results with advance planning. That is why prior to each service visit, a conference call is arranged with the customer and our service team to review:

  • Specific issues/events that necessitated service.
  • Work that needs to be performed.
  • Areas where operators need more training.
  • Expectations with regard to what the service should achieve.

Not only does this 15-to-30 minute phone call allow anticipated parts to be ordered and delivered onsite prior to the visit, it also helps our service engineer best utilize every minute of the allotted time in order to achieve optimum results.

Recently I received an email from Shane Jones, a customer who had scheduled an MMSelect for a baseline tune-up so that their machine was ready for the upcoming peak-season. Shane took the time to participate in the pre-service conference call and his business benefitted with a machine tune-up and some additional training.

In Shane’s own words:

 “Muller Martini provided us with a customized service package that covered equipment evaluations, preventative maintenance, repairs and advanced operator training. Their team has done a thorough job to evaluate and service our Presto II equipment, to prepare us for Q4. We are confident that our equipment and operators are ready to take on the busiest time of the year. I highly recommend any business with a Muller line to take advantage of the One-Week MMSelect Service Program.” 

Please contact your regional sales representative to get more information on Muller Martini’s service programs.

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