Muller Martini machine inspections: Smart investments for the long haul.

Although you probably already monitor the condition of your saddle stitcher, perfect binding or hardcover line, it is still a very good idea to get regular OEM inspections. In fact, Muller Martini inspections may represent one of the best business investments you can make.


These comprehensive inspections are not just about making sure your production equipment is in the best possible shape. They can also save you money (and time) in the long run since it usually costs a lot less to have machines repaired than replaced. Moreover, inspections help prevent major repairs or, even worse, equipment failure.


Is your machine headed for a breakdown?

There are a variety of reasons why bindery equipment stops operating—and many are preventable, including:


  • Poor maintenance. Failing to routinely lubricate or clean the equipment, or replace filters. Dirty fans and filters can limit ventilation causing components to overheat and malfunction.
  • Weak electrical connections. A MM technician can detect many electrical issues early, before equipment breaks down and causes you to lose work. Loose or damaged electrical connectors can drag down production for a long time, if not addressed.
  • Selective part replacement. Fixing only one broken part is typically a temporary solution. All worn parts should be routinely inspected to prevent further damage.
  • Ignoring warnings and low performance. Too often operators ignore signals that are indicative of a malfunction. These signals include decreasing output, strange noises and intermittent machine failures.


Have Muller Martini perform the inspection.

To avoid unwanted, costly outcomes, call in the Muller Martini service engineer who is more likely than the untrained eye to notice when parts or systems are damaged. If your machine isn’t performing as it used to, it might be the result of lingering defects that have yet to be detected and addressed. An experienced Muller Martini service engineer can determine if small repairs will make a big difference and can suggest repairs to help your equipment run more efficiently.


Muller Martini machines have produced millions and millions of units and regular wear will cause eventual breakdowns. But, the majority of these breakdowns are preventable. A factory-level inspection not only brings years of experience and know-how to your facility, but leverages factory records and other tools when conducting the inspection.


Equipment inspections are not to be dreaded.

Quite the contrary. Including regular maintenance and Muller Martini inspections in your manufacturing schedule helps to:

  • Protect your valued bindery investments—and your bottom line.
  • Enhance productivity and uptime so you remain competitive.
  • Save thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and unscheduled downtime.
  • Prevent injury.
  • Motivate, educate and retain staff.


MMInspect is available for your Muller Martini, Kolbus book binding, and Heidelberg saddle stitching equipment.

Muller Martini’s MMInspect service often uncovers deficiencies that are hard to spot and are easily overlooked by in-house maintenance teams. After the inspection, clients receive a well-documented MMInspect report that features photographs, spare parts quotes, and repair cost estimates. The report contains all the necessary data so you can decide which repairs can be performed by your in-house maintenance staff and which require Muller Martini’s service support.


An ancillary benefit of an MMInspect is that it represents a valuable training opportunity for your operators and maintenance staff who are able to observe the Muller Martini service technician perform the inspection and answer any questions.


Oftentimes, the value of expert advice is priceless. Indeed, when it comes to your bindery assets, it’s probably one of the best investments you can make.


Contact your Muller Martini representative or our service department for more information and specific MMInspect proposals for your specific situation. Chances are you will be surprised how cost-effective these flat rate, all-inclusive inspection packages are.

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