Muller Martini Parts Update

This has been quite a challenging year, but Muller Martini, lead by its management team, continues to move forward as we see things improving even as conditions change quickly all around the country and the world.

There’s increased activity in the Parts Department as customers pick up the pace during the last quarter, requesting our help in getting machines up and running again as soon as possible. It’s always a positive sign when our customers need more assistance so that their bindery equipment can continue humming along, productively making books and magazines.

Our “Last-Buy” program also puts productivity first.

I wanted to call attention to a unique service that also helps ensure your machine’s continued productivity. Even as an electronics platform or generation of machine enters its legacy phase, Muller Martini continues to invest in your investment. We do so through our “last-buy” program. Here’s how it works: When Muller Martini is informed by a supplier that a part is going to be discontinued, we purchase at least five years’ stock of that part, typically an electronics component, and place it in our Parts inventory so it is readily available to you. This not only helps extend the lifecycle of your Muller Martini binder, but allows you to better prepare for the future of that investment.

At Parts, we are dedicated to maximizing the productivity, performance and the lifespan of your bindery assets, no matter their age. As always, we are ready and able to serve all your parts needs. Just call 1.888.2.MULLER or 631-582-4343, and one of our parts specialists will assist you, 24/7/365.

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