Life Cycle Management: Planning for the future of your bindery—and your business.

Muller Martini North America has recently begun consulting customers on Life Cycle Management (LCM). Historically, telling a customer that they have to actively manage their machinery’s life cycle—and plan for its obsolescence—has been a difficult conversation as no one wants to hear that their machine’s productive years may be waning.

The good news is Muller Martini is handling this somewhat contentious issue with complete transparency. And, so far, our approach has been well received by customers in my territory. As a matter of fact, many have appreciated the “heads up,” and some even shared that this is a message they are hearing from other suppliers as well, particularly due to rapidly evolving technology (e.g., electronics) which comprise so many of today’s bindery assets.

In this regard, Muller Martini is doing all we can to secure a robust supply of obsolete parts where possible (typically five years or more of inventory).  And, we also offer upgrades to relevant machines to extend their production lives for a good few years.

Predictable production of your finishing equipment is crucial to your operation.

No matter the age of your machine, it’s vital that it maintains its functionality and reliability for as long as possible. That is why Muller Martini’s commitment to support our customers with proactive life cycle management tools features a full range of services that include:

  • MMInspect. Helps avoid unplanned breakdowns and includes detailed machine inspections.
  • MMSelect. This highly customized program provides fixed cost service visits.
  • MMUptoDate. Includes technology and other upgrades engineered not only to improve quality, but significantly enhance the performance of your machines.
  • MMRemote. Muller Martini is available around the clock to get your equipment up and running as fast as possible. Choose between 24/7 phone support and remote access.


Your bindery assets are in the best hands possible when we manage their life cycles together. Please feel free to reach out to me or your Regional Sales Manager if you would like further information about Muller Martini’s Life Cycle Management program.

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